Docker the container fenomenon

Containers a namespaced kernel. Great way to achieve better application separation.

  • Docker - the original idea, sometimes misunderstood and misused
  • Lxd - provided by Ubuntu (VM like containers)
  • Rocket or rkt - an alternative
  • MessOS or DC/OS - broader framework
  • Podman - recent docker migration (alias docker=podman)

The following alias helps to organize the docker ps in a neat way.

{% raw %}

alias dops='docker ps --format '\''{{json .}}'\'' --no-trunc | jq -r '\''[.Networks,.Names,.Status] | @csv'\'' | tr -d '\''"'\'' | column -s, -t'

{% endraw %}

Another thrick to show mounts of particular docker instance.

Save into /usr/local/bin/dofs


docker inspect "$1" | jq .[0].HostConfig.Binds

My humble contribution to docker images

xlinux/web-incron-demo - Intended for experiments with incron linked to web page.

xlinux/toolbox - SIPP test tool within an image.

xlinux/ansible - Run ansible inside docker. Tested and used for gitlab runner.

xlinux/gccarm - A GCC building arm target packed as an image.

xlinux/docked-vmware-tools - A base image to install VMWare Tools written in perl.

Some other interesting repositories

  • Sonatype/nexus
  • RabbitMQ